Introducing AURACLE!

Together Aradia and NagaSita join in alchemical heart vision
Creating “Auracle” A Temple Tribal Belly dance Company.
Focusing on the esoteric roots of Ritual Theatre & the pathways of Sacred Dance. This potent collaboration is created with the intention to inspire the divine within & dance the myths of remembrance. Auracle invokes the elements of earth magic, weaving a tapestry with traditional training & musing of the senses opening the gateway to Elysium.
These two internationally acclaimed dancers are merging to share their passions and high concept manifestations with the musical accompaniment of world renowned songstress Sonja Drakulich of Stellamara and sonic muse Imagika Om.
Auracle is blooming as a new project dedicated to the beauty of devotional artistry, integral visualization and 
transcendental fusion. Orginating from Portland’s very own Serpentine in 2008 these kindred souls join together again for the unveiling of this cosmic tale.

Performances & Workshops T.B.A
Tribal Fest
Lightning In A Bottle

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