Greetings dancing beauties! I am thrilled to announce my 12 week winter series at Znama Studio!!! Classes begin on November 25th and run all the way through February 10th. REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN! My Fall Series has SOLD OUT, so if you wish to get a spot for the Winter Series, I highly recommend that you PRE-REGISTER as class space is very limited, and i am capping it at 10 students!!!


Keep your inner flame alive through the winter days with dance! Here comes the winter series on Tuesday evenings at Znama Studio in Portland! This a BEYOND BASICS TRIBAL NOUVEAU SERIES which includes conditioning, drill combos and light choreography. We will be focusing primarily on Apsara Format improvisation, poise, clean and clear lines, nifty transitions, floorwork and zills! Over the course of this 12 week session, a lovely little community will grow, so I plan to celebrate with a student Hafla celebration at the end of the series!

There are 3 types of registration packages for this one:

6 weeks for $80, 8 weeks for $100, and 12 weeks for $140 or drop-in for $15 (if space allows…)

Send your full payment to to secure your spot, and be a part of this amazing community!

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  1. Hello, Nagasita! You’re an incredible dancer, I love dancing with you on youtube (which I guess sounds silly, but oh well). Thanks for bringing such artistry into the world of dance!

    I recently blogged about Apsara’s performance at Tribal Fest 13 as a study of intention cues (an aspect of body language that reveals the intent of movement before the movement is undertaken). In case you’re interested, here’s a link:

    Keep up the amazing work!

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