FRUITION: A Springtime Bellydance Immersion with NagaSita at SOMA SPACE – March 15th! Early Bird Special until Feb 25th!

fruition full length

This Immersion was created to bring focused attention to your Bellydance technique and provide your personal practice with a LEVEL UP!!! Have you been waiting for that lightbulb to go on over your head? Well get ready, because we are going to experience a massive Bellydance ascendance!

SUNDAY, MARCH 15TH at SOMA SPACE 1PM – 5pmss_front_room

YOGA: Learn the essential Yoga Asana’s needed to properly support your Bellydancer body.

CONDITIONING: Practice KEY strengthening excersizes and empower your body to move like a pro.

VOCABULARY: Learn the ABC’s of Tribal Nouveau and anchor your understanding of how to create dance phrases within NagaSita’s signature framework.

DRILLS: We will be digging our heels in deep and spending more time focusing on the fundamental Tribal Nouveau movements with vigorous repetition.

FLOW: Unveil the magic of transitions between our foundational movements.

FRUITION: A powerful and sultry choreography will be taught so that you can finally experience proper application of all the techniques mentioned above and see how it feels to dance fluently within the Tribal Nouveau Vocabulary.

TUITION: $70 earlybird (until February 25th) $80 until the 15th. $100 at the door if event doesn’t sell out.
**$60 for student’s of NagaSita who are investing in the March 4 week course**
Please Pre-Register to secure your spot by sending payment via paypal to


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