TEMPLE TRIBAL BELLYDANCE 7 Week Resolution Series in Grass Valley/ January 17th – February 28th.

NagaSita returns to the Belly Hive to share her excitingly fresh concoctions of Temple Tribal Dance with a glorious 7 week series in Grass Valley! This instructional course was designed for cultivating empowerment and grace through sacred dance. It is a vital and refined tool kit, complimentary to dancers of every skill level on their dance path. With a distinct focus on divine embodiment, NagaSita will share her uniquely honed practices for accessing and activating potent pathways of energy through movement by means of the body temple map. These captivatingly beautiful techniques have been passed down through the centuries from many of humanity’s most historically influential cultures who pioneered and mastered the divine art of Temple Dance. In this series we will focus on Temple Dance movement methods that originated in India, Tibet, North Africa, the Middle East, Indonesia, Polynesia and Japan, seamlessly combined into an innovative blend of modern temple fusion.

Registration for this series is now open!

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