As one of the pioneers of ritual-performance in Tribal Bellydance today, NagaSita thrives in sharing her connection with the divine feminine in dance and by creating elaborate offerings in honor of the Goddess. Sacred conscious meaning within dance is a practice that has unfortunately been lost to many civilizations over the course of time. An art begun thousands of years ago, which still thrives today all over the world and in fact – is the origin of purpose for dance itself.

In the Introduction to Ritual Theatre workshop, NagaSita guides her students through her own personally developed practices and choreographed sequences of sacred expression in dance with her take on Tribal-Fusion bellydance – “Tribal Nouveau”.

NagaSita opens this workshop by teaching her unique yoga and meditation practice for clearing. We then move on to bellydance warm-up and instruction in temple-dance choreography written by NagaSita for dancers to perform as a soloist or in a group by using a combination of influences from: Odissi temple-dance techniques &mudras, storytelling in movement with Hula, supreme poise with ballet, and modern Butoh exploration, blended with sultry stylization in Tribal-Fusion Bellydance. NagaSita has developed this evocative dance as a system of movement that is fun to practice and pleasant to digest for students.

She will also share her methods in:
~Setting Sacred Space
~Ritualistic Dance Path-work & Formations with Sacred Geometry (for soloist or group)
~Embodying Archetypes & the Elements through Dance
~Altar Building and Creating Offerings in a Theatrical Setting

All levels of dancers are welcome!

SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 25th at HOT POT STUDIO – SACRAMENTO CA 3pm-7pm                      $80 early bird (until Feb 10th), $100 thereafter.

Event listing is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/373605299685897/?ti=icl

To pre-register and secure your spot, send payment via paypal to tiare_tashnick@hotmail.com

I look forward to dancing with you soon!

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