Please email NagaSita at regarding all booking inquiries for performances and workshops. Fluent in many styles and flavors, NagaSita enjoys sharing her magic and entertaining people in  charming intimate settings to grand scale presentations.484918_432871656772768_1157124047_n



As a lifelong theatrical performer with her dance roots in hula and ballet, and over 10 years of experience in multiple styles of bellydancing under her belt, NagaSita brings a versatility to her performances that is unparalleled in the Pacific NW.

Traditional Bellydance with Eastern Music

Cutting edge Tribal Nouveau with electronic music

Elaborate ritual performance for blessing an event or dwelling

Old world theatrical vigniettes

Fire Fusion Bellydance

And Sword Dancing

You can hire NagaSita alone or with an accompanying musician or band, or even with multiple dancers.

Just about anything you can dream up, she can provide an outstanding experience that you and your loved ones are sure to enjoy.

“A gathering of treasures as the magick threads are woven to create a vivid living tapestry that is the life of NagaSita and her kindred spirits on the vanguard of a new movement that is Tribal-Nouveau.”


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