FEB 8TH – MARCH 29TH in PORTLAND OREGON – Bellydance Basics 8 Week Fundamentals Series. Thursday’s 6-7:30pm at Znama Studios: https://www.facebook.com/events/177489672847072/?ti=icl

MARCH 5TH – APRIL 9TH in PORTLAND OREGON – Tribal Nouveau Bellydance 6 Week Intermediate Series. Monday’s 6-7:30pm at Ragtime PDX Studio: https://www.facebook.com/events/416385085457651/?ti=icl

APRIL 13,14,15 – BUDAPEST HUNGARY – Workshops and Performances at Tribal Festival Budapest. Info TBA

APRIL 27,28,29 – MEXICO CITY – Workshops, Gala Show and Hafla with Ghytia Studios: https://www.facebook.com/events/631882857010076/?ti=icl


30958_10151122658516634_1004792544_n-001 Tribal Nouveau Stylizations (1 year of bellydance experience preferred)

 This is a high velocity class with a fun cardio warm up that flows right into dynamic drilling for  strengthening, and flawless execution. NagaSita will  break down advanced isolation combos which are  then layered over fancy shmancy footwork which evolves into a wicked choreography. There will be  emphasis on precision, timing, and keeping good posture with vigorous repetition. The workshop is then  concluded with an essential yoga cool-down for guaranteed bellydancer bliss.

1459319_10200870248740491_133636567_n-001Synchronicity Frequency (Challenging, yet all levels of dancers welcome)

Slithering floor work, creative weaving, dramatic dives and ascending movements.This is a high velocity class with a fun cardio warm up that flows right into dynamic drilling for strengthening, and flawless execution. NagaSita will break down advanced isolation combos which are then layered over calculated footwork. There will be emphasis on precision, timing, and keeping good posture with vigorous repetition. You can look forward to lots of ticking and locking paired with luscious undulations. All of these techniques will be worked into a choreography involving serpentine floor work and a flavor of avant garde theatricality. Strengthening exercises will be addressed as well as an essential yoga cool-down for guaranteed bellydancer bliss.

IMG_3760 processed Ritual Theater: Introductory Course in The Apsara Format

 As one of the pioneers of ritual-performance in Tribal Bellydance today,NagaSita thrives in sharing  her connection with the divine feminine in dance and by creating elaborate offerings in honor of the  Goddess. Sacred conscious meaning within dance is a practice that has unfortunately been lost to  many civilizations over the course of time. An art begun thousands of years ago, which still thrives  today all over the world and in fact – is the origin of purpose for dance itself.

In the Introduction to Ritual Theatre workshop, NagaSita guides her students through her own personally developed practices and choreographed sequences of sacred expression in dance with her take on Tribal-Fusion bellydance – “Tribal Nouveau”.

NagaSita opens this workshop by teaching her unique yoga and meditation practice for clearing. We then move on to bellydance warm-up and instruction in temple-dance choreography written by NagaSita for dancers to perform as a soloist or in a group by using a combination of influences from: Odissi temple-dance techniques &mudras, storytelling in movement with Hula, supreme poise with ballet, and modern Butoh exploration, blended with sultry stylization in Tribal-Fusion Bellydance. NagaSita has developed this evocative dance as a system of movement that is fun to practice and pleasant to digest for students.

She will also share her methods in:

~Setting Sacred Space

~Ritualistic Dance Path-work & Formations with Sacred Geometry (for

soloist or group)

~Embodying Archetypes & the Elements through Dance

~Altar Building and Creating Offerings in a Theatrical Setting

All levels of dancers are welcome!

 2-6 hours, depending on how in-depth you would like to go

2 -3 hours would be an introductory course, 4-6 more of an intensive

11139358_10204057714265690_7455023208096620877_nNEW!!! RITUAL THEATRE EXPANSION: CHAPTER 1 – APSARA FORMAT FUNDAMENTALS

 In this series, we will expand upon the elemental embodiment practices which were taught during the Ritual Theatre introductory course, and practice key movements which define the Apsara Format. Holding true to the Tribal Spirit, this format has been created for groups of dancers to perform together in an improvisational setting. Building upon this foundation for creating elaborate ceremonial offerings and triumphant tableaus, the Apsara format unites dancers with a clear intention and serves as an ideal platform for opening or closing ritual performances to bless significant events and gatherings.

4-6 hours

18211_10151187152778533_1664576012_n TEMPLE TRIBAL – Sacred Expressions through Bellydance

 NagaSita’s unique concoction of Tribal Nouveau with Indian Classical,Tibetan, Balinese,  Hawaiian, and Japanese fusion. In this workshop NagaSita spends the first half with a yoga  warm-up then she breaks down all of the techniques involved to master this exciting new form  of fusion. For the second half of the workshop, she focuses entirely on Temple Tribal  choreography which merges all of the techniques broken down in the first half, so that dancers can get a good idea of what this dance style feels like in motion. 2-4 hours. 1 year Tribal Fusion Fundamentals experience is advised before taking this workshop.

295908_10201286807877152_1712659693_n NEW!!! THANKS A ZILLION (At least 1 year of bellydance experience  preferred)

This liberating workshop is fully stocked with delicious combos and conditioning practices that will undoubtedly bring your zills practice to the next level and infuse your dance repertoire with dynamite. NagaSita shares exercises and stretches for helping the wrists and hands to stay healthy, strong and happily zilling to your hearts content. For the main course she will break down specific zill patterns and layer them over various Tribal Nouveau Bellydance combos taking you through step by step, to the sounds of vintage jazz, mid-eastern classics and cutting edge bass. This class is an adventure. Get ready to stomp, drop and spin! Please bring knee pads, as there will be floor work.

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